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Why use Bird Trader to advertise your business?

  • Approximately 250,000 bird enthusiasts visit the site on a monthly basis;
  • Bird Trader is the biggest bird website in the UK and 15th in the world!
  • Advertising on average 18,000 adverts at any one time;
  • We have numerous Google number 1 listings;
Google Ranking



Banners are at the top of every page of the site. You can choose a category which best suits your business and you will be branded to thousands of bird enthusiasts on a weekly basis. These banners will link straight through to your website, or if you don't have a website we can create a business page for you. The artwork for the banners is free of charge!! Dependent upon which category you want to go in determines the price of the banner.

Button Banner

Button Banners

These are the adverts on the right hand side of the page. This type of advert has been proven to get up to 50% better responses! The advantage of these adverts is that you can push a particular product, and have a small description about what exactly it is that you do. We also create these adverts free of charge! Prices for adverts depend upon which category you want to go in.

Free Adverts

All ads on Birdtrader are free but there is the opportunity to enhance your ad.

Free Advert
  • Featured Ad - Make your ad more prominent for 7, 14 or 28 days
  • Urgent Ad - Flag your ad as Urgent and stand out from the crowd
  • Homepage ads - Promote your ad with a spot on our homepage
Free Advert

Business Pages

The Birdtrader business pages allow you the opportunity to create your own mini website which will be shown in your chosen categories within the Birdtrader site. Birdtrader has over 2 million page views per month from over 200,000 bird fanatics which presents a desirable advertising opportunity.

On each page on the Birdtrader website there will be 7 placements per page where your business listing can be found which will link through to your very own business page.

On your business page, customers will be able to view your latest stock, contact details, map and more. You can fully customise your pages to have all the information about your company.

The best thing is you can add your business page today online within and you can go back and edit your page whenever you like!

Place your business listing now!

For other advertising opportunities, such as banner advertising please contact

Account Management

Sophie will be your account manager and will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have throughout your advertisement period. She will save you time and thus money by managing your account for you, leaving you with nothing to do apart from watch your responses roll in!

Please email Sophie on or call: 01772 639 038

However big or small your business we have the perfect advertisement for you!

"Since December we have had continuous excellent results and would never look back, from the 50 years that we have been in business Bird Trader has been the best place to advertise our business, and has produced the most cost effective results"

Bernard Palmer