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  Java Doves Breed Guide

Java doves are technically not a species in their own right but they refer to the completely white doves that are used as an emblem of peace or love. Java doves actually come about from a colour mutation in a ring neck dove.

Java doves are popular birds to be released at weddings as a sign on love, in a lot of cases however, it is actually a white homing pigeon that is released as they will return to the owner. Java doves are also very popular when used in magic tricks and by magicians. A java dove is actually quite an intelligent bird that can be taught simple tricks and also won’t mind being inside a cloth handkerchief or a dark hat.

Keeping Java Doves

Java doves are quite easy to look after, even for beginners, which is why they can prove to be a popular choice. Not only are they attractive to look at but Java doves produce a ‘coo’ noise that many people find soothing.

Java doves can be fed on bird food and grain meant for other animals such as chickens or pheasants. Java doves will eat a variety of nuts or seeds which makes feeding them quite simple. They will also eat fruit and vegetables and this can be a good way of giving them a treat.

Java doves that are white variation of a ring neck dove can be more expensive to buy to begin with but they will have all the bonuses of a ring neck dove, including, a very gentle nature and being very easy to look after.

Java doves can be kept in a cage but it is better to give them an aviary so that they can have more room to move and around and forage. Java doves enjoy having company and if the cage allows it, it may be worth keeping them as a pair to keep each other company.

Once the Java dove has become settled in his surroundings and has become comfortable, it should be possible to for both children and adults to handle it.

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