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  Yorkshire Canary Breed Guide

The Yorkshire canary has become an increasingly popular option as a domestic pet for UK canary enthusiasts in the past couple of centuries, even earning the proud nicknames of the 'John Bull canary' and the 'Gentleman of the Fancy'.

This bird differs from other members of the Canary family as it has a slender body that can extend to roughly 6.75 inches when fully grown, making it larger than many orther canary breeds.

However, their colouration is relatively standard; Yorkshires tend to come in yellow, buff, green, white and cinnamon. Perhaps the most distinctive quality of the Yorkshire canary is the gracefulness of its movement, something which has seen this pet bird endure as a perennial favourite of canary owners across Britain and the rest of the world.

Temperament of the Yorkshire Canary Breed

Yorkshire canaries are sociable, laid back birds with a gregarious nature in terms of other cage birds. However, as with other canaries, they do not actively seek human interaction, so it's best to enjoy these fascinating birds from a distance.

Yorkshires are also distinctive for their singing ability; this can be noticed most strikingly at dawn and dusk.

Diet of Yorkshire Canaries

Standard canary feed is ideal for the daily feeding schedule, and a seed mix can also prove effective. Fruits, vegetables and soft nuts can also prove popular.

Housing Yorkshire Canaries

These canaries don't require the paraphernalia that comes with other birds - unlike parrots and parakeets, toys and challenges are not a pre-requisite. However, space should play a big part in your thinking, as Yorkshire canaries will appreciate room to interact with other birds.

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