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  Lorikeet Facts

Lorikeets are not well known in the United Kingdom but are a favourite among bird lovers in Australia. This article on Rainbow Lorikeets will give you some facts on this brilliant bird.


Rainbow Lorikeets Breed Guide


  • Rainbow Lorikeets have beautiful patches of colour which include dark blue, red, purple, yellow and green.
  • There are red and orange cheated versions of the Lorikeet.
  • Lorikeets are mainly found in eastern Australia where they live in rainforests, coastal bushes and woodland areas.
  • You can also find Lorikeets in the wild in Asia, Indonesia and the Solomon Islands.
  • Lorikeets are small in size and only weigh a tiny 130 grams.
  • Lorikeets are 10 inches high and have a wingspan of 7 inches.
  • Rainbow Lorikeets have a very healthy appetite and feed regularly.
  • Most food that Lorikeets eat comes from trees such as pollen, nectar, blossoms, fruits and berries.


Owning Lorikeets


  • If you are thinking about buying a Lorikeet then you will need to have a large cage because they are very active.
  • Lorikeets tame easily and make excellent pets.
  • Owning a Lorikeet will mean you have to do a lot of cleaning up because they stool regularly.
  • Rainbow Lorikeets need to have plenty of toys to keep them occupied and like to play with people.
  • If you like you can make homemade recipes for your Lorikeets using baby cereal, breadcrumbs and pollen. You can also buy commercially produced food for your Lorikeets.


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